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Re-financing Freehold

Pubs Hotels & Restaurants

Re-finance packages can be arranged for a variety of reasons.

Debt consolidation

We have seen a number of instances recently where clients have built up borrowings from a number of sources because their own bankers declined to advance further funds to develop the business.

This can be a mixture of credit card and personal loan borrowing often at excessive rates of interest, despite there being good overall equity in the business.

We can arrange to replace all these debts with a term mortgage on competitive interest rates over terms from 5 -30 years which means that not only are overall monthly outgoings reduced but the capital can also start to be repaid.

Partnership buy out

With funding of up to 70% of the value of the business currently available then where required funding can be available to buy out partner’s interest. Repayment terms up to 30 years available on competitive terms.


By valuing the business before and after refurbishment and improvement it may well be possible to arrange funding of up to 70% of the current value of the business plus a further 70% of the redevelopment cost.

Repayment of Brewery Loans

With free of tie discounts exceeding £150.00 per barrel for a reasonably busy wet led pub, replacing brewery borrowing with commercial borrowing may unlock substantial barrelage discounts, far in excess of the extra borrowing costs

For friendly help and guidance
please call on 01834 849795

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